2017        The Hero Who Overslept Climate Science Show at the Edinburgh Fringe

The Scotsman – “Imaginative scenes build up to a musical conclusion which, thanks to the duo’s joyful energy, will have you singing ‘Let’s go round again’ as you skip down the stairs at the end, with the words “stay optimistic; make a difference” encouraging you to do just that.”

The List – Peake uses his experience as a lecturer to rattle off some truly alarming figures about how much damage has been done…And it hits its target – “Charm & charisma. Laudable, largely successful attempt to tackle the unimaginable. Recommend seeing it”.

2015               The Financial Times

Teaching the impact of climate change to the leaders of tomorrow

Tipping Point at Oxford, 2014

2011 on Complexity and Hope in Climate Negotiations

Stephen Peake Vox Pop from CISL on Vimeo.

The secret to real change in a company

Dr Stephen Peake: The secret to real change in a company. from CISL on Vimeo.